SocratesBank has assembled an industry leading team of Financial, Crypto and Banking professionals.

Board of Directors:

Edwin Ball, Chairman

Dr. Robert Grassinger, Board Member

Nick Thadaney, Non-Executive Board Member


Executive Team:


Our team comprises of our Chief Executive Officer, CTO/ Head of IT/ Bank Systems Integration , Head of IT Architecture and Director of Business Development


Board of Advisors:

Scott McMunn, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Justin Passfield, Advisory Board Member

Markus Linss, Advisory Board Member


Advisors/ Investment Managers:

Socrates Capital Group Limited

Edwin Ball, Chairman and CEO

Dr. Robert Grassinger, Board Member, Managing Director and President of Bank Holdings/Investments

Scott McMunn, Board Member, Managing Director, CEO, Asset Management

Justin Passfield, Senior Director, Finance and Asset Management Investments

James Imrie, Board Member, Senior Director, Head of Business Development

NED Board Member




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